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Adding "Additional Info" to your Posts

Last Updated: May 10, 2016 05:21PM EEST

An important section in the posting process is the "Additional Information" section. This section will help you include more specific information about your projects in addition to informative photos and videos. Adding additional information about your project such as how much it costs, how long it takes, and how difficult it is to do, helps others better understand how to translate your amazing posts into changes they can make to their own homes and gardens. 

How do I "Add additional information" to my post?
Just begin posting as usual and then click the "Additional Info" link at the bottom of post box.

You will see input boxes where you can enter numerical values for the "Cost" of your project, and the amount of "Time" it took you to complete it. You may also select a level of "Difficulty" from "Easy" to "Challenging". 

Then  click "Post". You will see the additional information that you included appear on your post below the description paragraph.

All fields are optional but the more details you include, the more helpful your post will be to others looking to recreate your great idea! If you want to go back to a previous project and add "additional information", you can always do so by clicking "Edit" to edit your post and then following the steps as shown above.

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