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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018 05:45PM EEST

Tutorial Team FAQs

As a Tutorial Team member, if you post 2 quality posts a month, we will send you a DIY gift.

1.  Do I need to post twice a month?

No, it is not required that you always post twice a month. If you don’t, then we simply won’t send you a DIY gift that month! But you still maintain your Tutorial Team status.

2. What happens if I don't post?

Nothing! Of course, we would like to see some awesome DIY projects from you, but there is no consequence for not posting a project.

3. What happens if I post more than twice a month?

That’s awesome! If you post more than 2 tutorials in a month, your extra post will roll over to the next month, and will bring you one step closer to a DIY prize!

4. Can I post any type of project?

Hometalk features home and garden related DIY tutorials. So as long as your project fits under that category, you are good to go!

Keep in mind, projects that feature cooking, sewing, or education are not able to be featured in the hometalk email newsletter.

5. What does my post need to include?

To be considered a quality post, your tutorial should include at least 4 photos of the process and at least 180 words of step-by-step instructions. You can of course choose to include more photos and words!

6. What is the monthly gift?

The monthly DIY gift is either a surprise DIY tool, Hometalk paraphernalia, or a gift card. International team members will receive an gift card.

You have ownership over your posts.

1.  How can I edit my post once it is published?

Once your post has been published, you can still go in and make changes. Here's how, simply click the down arrow to the right of your project title. Then select 'Edit Project'. You can change the text, remove photos, and add new media.

2. Can I delete a project?

After you post a project, you can choose to delete it up to 24 hours after it has been published. If more time has passed and you decide you’d like to delete a project, send me an email ( and I will delete it for you.

3. Why are there links on my materials list?

The materials lists on your posts automatically link to products on Hometalk shares 50% of the revenue made from these links with you! Here’s how you can sign up to be a part of this program.  Simply visit this page in order to opt in.  Note: this can’t be done on a phone, you have to do it on your computer.

Each week, Hometalk challenges the Tutorial Team to a specific task which we call the Weekly Post Challenges.

1. What are the weekly post challenges?

Each week, Hometalk challenges the Tutorial Team to accomplish a specific type of project. The themes usually reflect the latest DIY trends or the time of year!

2. Do I need to enter the weekly challenges?

No, it is 100% optional to join and it really is just a fun way to participate as a team member and find inspiration.

3. How is the winner chosen?

The winner for the weekly challenge is chosen by a panel of judges here at Hometalk. Here’s what is taken into account:

  • The post follows the guidelines for a quality post (listed above)

  • The project displays a creative solution for the challenge

4. What is the prize for winning a challenge?

If you win the weekly challenge, your winning post will be featured in the Hometalk daily email! This guarantees that your post will be seen by many users!

By being a member of the Tutorial Team and creating quality posts, your posts are eligible for being featured in the Hometalk daily email.

1.  What is the Hometalk daily email?

The daily email is a daily newsletter sent out to our users which features the latest and trending posts and Discussions on Hometalk.

Posts that are featured in the daily email get a lot of traffic (because they are being seen by many users!). It is a great opportunity to share your ideas with many DIYers and is also a fun way to get feedback on your project.

If you are not sure if you receive the daily email, go ahead and take a look at your Account Settings. There you can select ‘Email Settings’  -if you’d like to get the daily email, make sure a roundup of trending projects, idea boxes and discussions” is checked!

2. How do I get my post featured in Hometalk’s daily email?

The content team here at Hometalk uses certain algorithms when choosing trending posts for the email. One of the factors that is taken into account is the quality level of project (by being a Tutorial Team member, by default, all of your posts are quality!)

The content team also looks for other qualities that will attract the reader to read the post. Those  include a creative solution, great photos, and a good story.

3. How do I get my post featured on Hometalk’s homepage?

All posts that contain a minimum of 4 photos and 180 words make it to the Hometalk homepage. The homepage refreshes every half hour, and new projects appear at the top. If your post was at the top a few hours ago, you can scroll down a bit and be able to find it!

4. How do I take quality photos for my posts?

Taking your photos with a professional camera will of course result in quality photos, but if you are using your phone’s camera, we have some tips for you! When taking a photo with your phone, make sure your hand is steady to avoid taking a blurry photo. Make sure you take your photos during the day in a well lit space.

Being a member of the Tutorial Team means you are part of an exclusive group of DIYers. You will receive a daily email from me ( and can also choose to join our Facebook group. The Facebook group is a warm and supportive place to share ideas and connect with other team members.

1.  Do I need to join the Facebook group?

No, you do not need to join. All important notices and updates will be sent to you via email. Being a part of the Facebook group is simply another fun way to connect with other DIYers.

2. Do I need to post my projects on the Facebook group?

Nope! If you are a part of the Facebook group and would like to share your Hometalk posts, then feel free!

Note: Your projects need to posted on in order to be counted towards your 2 monthly posts or as a challenge entry.

3. Who do I reach out to if I have a question?

All of your questions can always be directed to me ( If you’d like to speak with me over the phone, shoot me an email and we’ll set up a good time to speak!

If you have a DIY related question, feel free to ask it on our DIY Forum and an expert DIYer from the Hometalk community will provide you with an answer!

If something on the site seems to not be working or if you have a technical question feel free to email our support team. Email Support Team

Don’t be shy, I am always happy to hear from you!

Happy Hometalking,



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