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Last Updated: May 10, 2017 09:14PM EEST

As Hometalk’s top influencers, we want to help you keep your posts uniform, beautiful, and helpful to others. Worried about typos? We got your back! Check out the Hometalk style guide below and note that we review all posts and quickly fix any oversights so you don't have to! :)


Put your before photo at the top of your post: The beauty of DIY is transforming the ordinary into extraordinary and readers want to see where you started!

Make sure your photos are sized properly: Our standard photo dimensions are 800 px wide and 250 px height.

Include text under each photo: Space out your step-by-step instructions so that they correspond to your photos and readers can easily follow along.

Use proper punctuation and grammar: Because spell check is everyone’s best friend…

Use italics and bold features appropriately: Use plain text for the body of your post and only use bold and italics to emphasize text.

Capitalize only the first letter of each word in your headlines: Keep your capitalization limited to the first letter of each word.

When uploading videos, include a caption: If you include a video in your post, let readers know what to expect when they click play.


No overly promotional text or symbols: Please don’t include overly promotional text, symbols, or photos to promote a blog or product.


List out all main materials you used to create the project: There is a designated spot at the bottom of your post to list all materials you used for your project.

Time and cost of the project: Help people recreate your project by informing them of the time and cost they’ll need to invest.


Include your blog link at the bottom of your post: Make it easy for people to find your blog and don’t forget to include a link to your project.

Hyperlink your text, but keep it limited: Hometalk allows 2 hyperlinks per post and a link at the bottom of the post. Text that you hyperlink is limited to a short phrase. (Please do not hyperlink full sentences) 

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