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Exciting Blogger Program Update

Last Updated: Sep 02, 2016 03:32PM EEST

Congratulations, everyone!


We’ve been running the blogger traffic program for a couple of months now, and we just wanted to let you all know how incredibly well it’s going! Every day we’ve been receiving awesome feedback from all of you, so we thought it was time to share some of the success we’re seeing on our side.

So far, we’ve had 180 bloggers participate in the program and we’ve sent a total of 2,348,613 clicks over to those blogs! We know — we can hardly believe it ourselves! All of you have been adding so much value to Hometalk with your incredible posts and we’re thrilled to be working together with you increase DIY value across the web.

Here are some bloggers who are thrilled with the program so far:

“Dear Hometalk-Team, Thanks for your new traffic program! The day one of my blog posts got featured by you I had more than 6.000 page views. That´s a record for me. I am already looking forward to my next feature!” - Ronja Lotte, Nur Noch


“I wanted to give you a big THANK YOU! The blogger traffic program is awesome. I was excited when notified that a link directly to my blog would be included in your daily email — but I was more excited when the traffic started rolling in! The first day was incredible, and the traffic kept coming for nearly a week. As a result of your email campaign, I had about 6500 extra visitors and more than 7500 extra page views on my blog!” - Andrew Eaton, Scrappy Geek


“From the traffic program, I see close to 15,000 page views from your email alone per feature. I have also gained 50+ new email subscribers from my direct link features on Hometalk!” - Mary Cofran, The Cofran Home

“I have had my DIY's shared via email newsletter both ways - where traffic has been driven back to Hometalk, and where traffic has been driven direct to my website. When I've had a DIY shared via email with the traffic going back to Hometalk, I've seen an increase of about 300-400 visits to my website. When I've had a DIY with a direct link back to my website shared my website received over 10,000 visits IN ONE DAY. For me 10K visits in one day is quite an incredible number of visitors. I am however regretting that I did not have my newsletter popup setup before that direct link was shared... I set up my newsletter subscribe pop up the day after the direct weblink shared in the Hometalk email BUT I still saw 20 new subscribers and an increase of 1000 visits in that one day after they shared a direct link to my website! I'm really keen to see the newsletter growth the next time Hometalk shares a direct link to a DIY on my website via one of their email blasts! for patterns and that lady saw a noticeable increase in sales when my Folded Book post was shared via direct link to my website... she said it came at a time when she needed the increased sales! :)” - Lacey Haskell, Feathering My Nest


"Hometalk has provided more growth over the past year and a half than I did on my own during the two-and-a-half previous years, due to Hometalk featuring my projects via Facebook and e-mail. Facebook likes since first Hometalk (FB or e-mail) feature (March 2015) went from 300 to 634 (current). E-mail subs since first Hometalk (FB or e-mail) feature (March 2015) went from 70 to 400 (current). Facebook likes since direct post traffic feature (on August 1, 2016) gained 34 likes. E-mail subs since first direct post traffic feature (on August 1, 2016) gained 20 e-mail subs since August 1. The direct traffic post was for my DIY Upholstered Headboard, and the total views for that post previously were roughly 3,000. Current page views for that post are now over 15,000." - Andrea Filante, Delusions of Ingenuity

"The HomeTalk team has been a huge instrumental tool in pointing readers to my blog, The Rustic Boxwood!  When HomeTalk features a post that I've written, my blog consistently receives 20 times the amount of my average daily readership!  It's a huge difference, and for that, I sincerely appreciate all the love shown from the HomeTalk team to this little blog of mine!" - Katie, Rustic Boxwood

"The new traffic program developed by Hometalk increase direct traffic to my website by 259% on the day of the promotional email." - Jeanette, Country Design Style

"I’ve been an avid lover of Hometalk for years now. My experiences have always been exciting using their platform and, now, with their new blogger program, I’m reaping so many benefits. I was able to generate almost 150k in page views in the past two months from their newsletter. It has also brought many new visitors to my blog, and that’s been wonderful! I also was able to generate hundreds of email signups too! Their new program allows direct hits to your blog from their newsletter and it’s been a huge success for me as a blogger.  I am very grateful to Hometalk for their new program and am looking forward to a continued wonderful and prosperous relationship for us both. Thank you Hometalk!" - Carolann, Sassy Townhouse Living


"Hometalk's new traffic program has been great for! Every month since it launched, Hometalk has featured a direct link to our website in their daily newsletter sending a surge of traffic that day to our site. This month we had 10,000+ page views when we were in the newsletter (with our typical daily website traffic being 500-1000). We have seen direct results from this program and our blog has benefited from it! Thanks, Hometalk!" - Vicki and Steph, Mother Daughter Projects


"As a newer blogger, I've seen huge growth thanks to the Hometalk blogger traffic program.  When a recent post of mine was shared in an email to Hometalk subscribers, I had over 6,500 page views in one day.  My numbers continue to grow and I truly believe this is in part thanks to the Hometalk Blogger Program." - Jessica Coplan, Finding Purpose Furniture

"Recently, I was able to take part in the new traffic program after having 3 qualifying posts in a
90 day time frame.  As a part time blogger, my monthly page views typically run between 15,000 to 20,000 depending on how many projects I am able to post that month.  So when I checked my blog one evening and saw that I had 20,000 plus page views in one day, I seriously thought my blog was hacked.  Upon further investigation, I saw that I was getting hits from a Hometalk campaign and I knew then it was the traffic program post!  The page views kept rolling in for several days.  My monthly page view count that month ended up at just over 60,000, with over 40,000 of them being a direct result of the traffic program post!  My blog also gained 32 new subscribers during that time frame.  It was an exciting week and I'm looking forward to my next traffic program post." - Laurie Koenig, My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies


Thanks so much to everyone who has taken part in this program and for sending along all of your exciting updates and successes! We can’t wait to keep the feature going and keep the clicks rolling in :)


If you haven’t joined in the blogger program yet, we’re waiting for you! Here’s a link to see how you can get started — and please feel free to send any questions regarding the program to


All the best,

The Hometalk Team

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