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The Hometalk Traffic Program For Bloggers Is Here

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018 03:21PM EET
We are excited to tell you about Hometalk’s traffic program for bloggers!
Bloggers who share three high-quality tutorials within a 90-day period are now eligible for an email feature DIRECTLY to their blog. With this program, we aim to increase the traffic from Hometalk to your blog and we look forward to a wonderful and successful road ahead!
What’s the Hometalk Traffic Program?
The traffic program is a value-add for Hometalk bloggers who regularly share high-quality content with the Hometalk community. Through this program, Hometalk will feature a rotation of direct links to qualified bloggers in our daily emails to increase the traffic you receive from Hometalk.
Where do you sign up?
No need to sign up! All Hometalk bloggers will now see a ‘blog links’ section under their account settings (on desktop only). Add your three direct blog links today and we will choose one to feature, as you qualify.
How do you qualify?
Bloggers who share three high-quality posts within a 90-day period become eligible for a feature. The 90-day period applies retroactively; meaning, if you share a new post today, our system will include any high-quality posts shared within the past 90-days in its calculation.

* Constant removal of content will disqualify you from being eligible for the Blogger Traffic Program

(Note: only blogs in the English language currently qualify for this program) 
Important: You must have three blog links saved under your account settings in order to qualify and be added to the queue to be featured.
What is a high quality post?
Our goal at Hometalk is to connect people with ideas that will help them better their lives by improving their home & garden themselves.
Therefore, a high quality post must fit the following criteria:
  1. Be a step-by-step DIY tutorial (no house tours or round-up posts)
  2. Have at least 200 words and 4 pictures
  3. Include a before picture and a completed after picture
  4. Include a full description of what you accomplished in your post
  5. Include enough instruction so that the reader can understand what you did and generally replicate your project.
Here’s a great example by Amanda of Dwelling In Happiness: DIY Concrete Beverage Cooler.
(Note: this is a value add program. It does not replace or conflict with the minimum post requirements or the tutorial style guide. If you still want to post the minimum 3 pictures and 100 words you are welcome to do so.)
How do you add your blog links?
Click on account settings and then blog links. Input your blog URL at the top and save three blog links of your choice in the open fields.

When should you expect to get featured and how often?
Once in 90 days is the minimum. Once a in 30 days is the maximum. We will be continuously fine-tuning the frequency to match the supply and demand.
Additional FAQ
If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email We will update this FAQ section regularly to keep you informed of new questions and answers as they arise.

When does my 90 day count begin?
The 90-day period applies retroactively; meaning, if you share a new post today, our system will include any high-quality posts shared within the past 90-days in its calculation.

What is a “rotation of direct links?”
Hometalk will feature 4 different blogger links within the same email. The links will rotate, meaning each reader will receive any one of the 4 links. Therefore, if you were featured in the email, you might not see your feature in the email you received that day.

How much traffic should I expect?
That will vary from blogger to blogger. We hope it will translate into a few thousand clicks, new subscribers, and residual traffic.

How will I know if my Hometalk post qualifies?
We do not have a notification system in place. It is something we are working on! We’ve provided the criteria above as a benchmark. As long as you meet the criteria, your post qualifies. If you want to check your standings please email:

How soon after qualifying should I expect a feature?
It depends on the number of blogger participating in the program at any given time. We are continuously balancing supply and demand and aim to feature you soon after you qualify.

Do my 3 blog links also need to be from the last 90 days?
Nope! You can choose whatever 3 blog posts you want to drive traffic to, so long as they are featurable link. A featurable link must:
  • be a tutorial (has to have steps)
  • have a before photo/photo of materials
  • be seasonally appropriate

How will I know if I was featured?
We aim to have a notification system in place soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye on your Google analytics! (Which is a good thing to do, anyway!)

My blog is in a foreign language. Do I qualify for the Hometalk Traffic Program?
Currently, we are only featuring bloggers who’s blogs are in the English language. We will keep you updated about future plans to expand the program.

I have two Hometalk profiles with separate blogs. Can I participate in the traffic program with both domains?
While we love the enthusiasm, bloggers can only participate in the traffic program with one domain.

If I am in the Blogger Traffic Program, do I HAVE to participate in the Affiliate rev-share program?
No you do not. If you do not want to participate in the Affiliate rev-share program, then please opt-out HERE

If you would like to find out more about the Affiliate rev-share program, please visit this page:

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