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How to Post On Hometalk

Last Updated: May 10, 2016 05:14PM EEST
1. Click the "Create Post" Button in the Header to Start Your Post

2. Give Your Post a Title
Tell readers what your post is about.


3. Upload Photos or Embed Videos
You can upload one photo or several at once by holding down the "Ctrl" key (or Command on a Mac) while selecting photo.


4. Add in Your Description
Once you upload your photos, you will see a description box appear between the title box and photo area. Give a brief description of your post as an introduction to what readers may learn throughout.

The more information interspersed between the photos, the better. We have found that the best formula for creating shareable content is showing 4-6 great photos and including valuable information (at least 200 words) in 3 or more description boxes.

5. Reorder Your Photos
When you hover over a photo, you'll notice your cursor will become a 4-way arrow. Click and hold to drag a photo and reorder it within the post. Be aware that the description box connected with it will move too.


6. Add Materials and Additional Information (Optional)
 If you want to add more specific information about the process you took to complete your project (like materials, cost, time spent and difficulty level), there's a handy way to do it. 

To add materials simply use the "Which materials did you use for this project?" section to add the materials that you used and where you got them from. 

To add other information (cost, time spent and difficulty level) just click the light blue letters that say "+ Additional Info" at the bottom left of the window to open up more specific information boxes and fill in the info you want to include.

When you click "Additional Info," these options appear

7. Publish Your Post
You've made it! Click the "Post" button to publish your post.


8. Last Step: Choose a Cover Photo and Add Topics
Now that your post is ready to go, choose a cover photo and add topics so that it appears in the right categories.


Editing Your Post After You've Published It
Just in case you've made a mistake, you can always go back into your post and edit it by clicking the little arrow tab at the top right. 
This will open a drop down menu where you can find "Edit post" - it's that simple!

Now You're Ready to Post! Click HERE to start your first post right now!

We hope you enjoy using Hometalk as much as we do. Please feel free to leave a comment, or for technical issues, send an email to

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